How to Manage Backward Disequilibrium/Retropulsion

3 thoughts on “How to Manage Backward Disequilibrium/Retropulsion”

  1. I’m 85, am alone during the day until my daughter comes home from work. I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 4 non small cell lung cancer and put on a regimen of drugs to keep me free of pain, immediate and extended release morphine and dexamethasone. Up until recently I was able to manage all normal activities but of late I’ve found myself
    with a tendency to fall backwards. Is there something I can do to improve my balance?


    1. Yes ma’am! There’s likely many things you could do! To select the most effective things for your specific needs, I would recommend getting plugged into a physical therapist in your area. I would imagine one that comes to the house with home health would be more appropriate for you. If you are not having a nurse come out for your medicines, the next time you go into one of your physicians for an appointment, mention your concern and that you’d like to have a therapist come to the house to work on your balance. I bet they can get you squared away in no time! Some physicians will even get you connected if you just call and ask without going in for an appointment. BUT if you do have a nurse coming out to the house all ready, you can mention it to her or him and they’ll get you connected with a therapist. You’re already well on your way to better balance by asking questions!


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