Primitive Disability

4 thoughts on “Primitive Disability”

  1. Maybe more brutal is keeping people alive hooked up to machines and pumped up on medications just so the family can postpone the grief process for a couple of months, regardless of the pain and loss of dignity of the person at the end of their life.

    Thank you for the video.


    1. Totally agree. It’s a fine line to balance on: keeping the patient’s dignity and right to make their own decisions with all the different personalities in a family. My hospital has had several cases this year where a family has for some reason been told our patient has a terminal illness, but the patient has not. Then the family does not want the patient to know, despite the patient being 100% in their right minds and instructs those of us on the patient’s care team to not discuss it with the patient. We had to get administration involved in those cases, because that is just not right.

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