America’s BIG Problem

Americans are fatter than ever, CDC finds as originally seen on CNN My fellow Americans, this is getting ridiculous. How can 1/3 of us be “obese?” That doesn’t even include the “overweight” population. I would wager another 1/3 are “overweight” (myself included until about a month ago.) That’s roughly 2/3 of us that are just too big … Continue reading America’s BIG Problem

Acoustic Neuroma Case

A Brain Tumor Doesn’t Define Me as originally seen in The Huffington Post Acoustic neuromas can make for some nasty unilateral peripheral vestibular symptoms as that tumor sits on the vestibulocochlear nerve (cranial nerve VIII). Depending on the size, hearing loss can also be a symptom as hearing and vestibular balance run in that same … Continue reading Acoustic Neuroma Case

Pop Science

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Scientific Studies as originally seen on HBO last Sunday night. Just an FYI before you hit play there: If you haven’t seen Last Week Tonight it is an adult show, so there are a few comments that are not appropriate for little or sensitive ears. You’ve been warned. … Continue reading Pop Science