CSM 2017: Pusher Syndrome

2 thoughts on “CSM 2017: Pusher Syndrome”

  1. Hi Bria,

    I would like to thank you for posting above, really interesting.
    So I’m Simon, currently studying Physical Therapy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m writing an bachelor thesis at the moment, concerning “the Pusher-Syndrome” and i’m interested in the article written by Vicky. Do you have any knowledge when it will be published and do you have any information about the design of the study/article/research



    1. Hi Simon! At the time of the conference, there was not a set date for the publication of Vicky’s article. She said it was under review at the time. It will be coming out in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. They may know a better time frame, depending on where in the review process the article is exactly. As for the design, it’s a case study series of 5 subjects with Pusher Syndrome in which Vicky applies her treatment strategies and documents before/after treatment outcomes. Good luck with your thesis!


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