When Your Brain is Telling You to See a Neurologist

2 thoughts on “When Your Brain is Telling You to See a Neurologist”

  1. This is a wonderful resource that’s worth pinning or saving! Knowing these and getting the right attention could save your life. I’d also like to flag that there are rare brain injuries like encephalitis that neurologists aren’t accustomed to seeing but share many of these symptoms. Encephalitis isn’t as common as TBIs, concussions, strokes, or brain bleeds and oftentimes imaging techniques or lumbar punctures won’t show anything.

    Don’t ignore any of these symptoms and don’t let your doctors ignore them. I paid the price of a serious brain injury because my doctors didn’t piece together that my light sensitivity, inability to focus my eyes, dizziness, numbness in my foot and confusion were the result of my brain swelling against my skull. Instead I was told I was stressed, needed more sleep and a break from my job. Not the best diagnosis and it almost cost me my life.


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