‘Chemo Brain’ is for Real

Sustained attention abnormalities in breast cancer survivors with cognitive deficits post chemotherapy: An electrophysiological study originally appearing in Clinical Neurophysiology My hospital doesn’t have a direct connection with an inpatient chemo unit, but occasionally we’ll get someone direct from MD Anderson in Houston who wanted to do their inpatient rehab closer to home and family. So, … Continue reading ‘Chemo Brain’ is for Real

News from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress

Well, the WCPT Congress in Singapore has come and gone. Looks like there was some great discussion, networking and learning! Probably the biggest thing I learned was that they are now going to have the Congress every 2 years instead of 4 and that there are now 11 international member organizations that make up WCPT! … Continue reading News from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress

Mastering the Plank

Before I left my series on cardiovascular fitness I just had to stick this in. No, it has nothing to do with cardiovascular fitness, but everything to do with core strengthening. I watch these little babies be done horribly wrong in more ways than I can count at the gym. Most days when I’m at … Continue reading Mastering the Plank

Going Beyond the Minimum

Leisure Time Physical Activity and Mortality: A Detailed Pooled Analysis of the Dose-Response Relationship Effect of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity on All-Cause Mortality in Middle-aged and Older Australians. So today we’ve got two journal articles that are looking at the benefits of moderate-vigorous intensity exercise. Why do we want to do this? To prolong … Continue reading Going Beyond the Minimum

The Application of Intensity to Physical Activity

Now that you’ve got your baseline physical activity up, we can move on to adding in the correct intensity of exercise. First let’s go over the recommendations. The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (the latest and greatest as they only revamp them every… 15 years, I think) recommends that all adults get “75 vigorous … Continue reading The Application of Intensity to Physical Activity