Flashcard App

I’ve been using my flashcard app, Anki, a lot this week. No, not because I’m studying my Spanish phrases like I should be. I’ve been using it with my therapy patients. Let me explain…. I use this app to do a form of graded motor imaging called left/right discrimination with my chronic pain patients. Often in chronic pain, … Continue reading Flashcard App

Product Review: Ecolyptus

With an opioid epidemic going on and research showing that acetaminophen (a common ingredient in over the counter pain relieving pills like Advil) can reduce empathy, it is important that all medical professionals be knowledgeable of alternative solutions for managing pain. Physical therapy is one, of course. What else is out there? Enter: topical natural … Continue reading Product Review: Ecolyptus

The Grocery Store

Perhaps you remember the Busy Box. Probably not, but I’ve done one more project for the same background reason with a different goal in mind. (Click the link there if you want the background info.) My latest creation is the Grocery Store. We’ve got a bookshelf filled with cartons of items which I have purchased … Continue reading The Grocery Store

Pain Management in OA with Central Centralization

Pain Treatment for Patients with Osteoarthritis and Central Sensitization as originally seen in Journal of Physical Therapy This was September’s Journal Club article at the hospital. I picked it after chasing it down in another more recent article’s resource list. I truly believe after reading this article and learning more about central sensitization that many, … Continue reading Pain Management in OA with Central Centralization